Open and Affirming


Our statement :

All are welcomed and affirmed on this journey regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, gender identification, sexual orientation, martial status, economic or social status, physical capabilities or disabilities, or any other circumstance. We believe in the loving Inclusiveness of our God and that we are called to invite, affirm and travel with all who answer God's invitation to journey into this loving worshiping group of believers



We belong the United Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ is an Open and Affirming Church we celebrate a long history of standing up for the rights of God's people. Please click below to learn about the UCC and our diverse and vital ministries


Arms big enough for ALL!

Our goal as a faith community is to welcome all of God's children. We have made a special effort to provide large print bulletins, provide hearing assistance, and a warm and friendly worship space . This is a constant goal for us, as we learn what it truly means to live out the teachings of the Gospel and welcome each and every one of God's children into the faith community. Come, Join Us!